We are proud that our parent company, Rollins, Inc. is named a 2017, 2018 & 2019 Top Workplace


Whether you want to work in branch operations or in our corporate offices, we have a wide variety of positions for motivated women. Some of the many reasons to join Orkin today include career growth opportunities, excellent pay, and paid training as well as a comprehensive insurance plan and 401(k)/employee stock purchase plans. Strong, ethical business values that include being an Equal Opportunity Employer combined with financial stability in a recession-resistant industry and working in a large company with a small-company feel make it an exciting time to work at Orkin. Join us as we continue to grow!



The Rollins Learning Center is over 27,000 square feet in size, and its many simulated environments are used for hands-on training of Orkin employees, video production, and applied research. The environments include a termite pavilion, residential home, and commercial settings. Orkin’s highly-qualified instructors use the simulations to validate the acquisition of specific workplace skills through previous on-the-job training and provide practice for the further development of knowledge and skills.



The Rollins Global Learning Network is internet-based, extending the reach of the network to all global locations.  It is a hybrid network architecture allowing for the transmission of live events and on-demand content over Orkin’s intranet and the internet. The live distance learning is highly interactive through the use of two-way audio and wireless, touch-screen tablets with chat capability.  Instructors are able to present topics, ask questions, and provide feedback to trainees for an optimal learning experience. 



At Orkin, we have invested millions to develop award-winning training programs that extend well beyond the classroom. Our Pest and Termite Specialists are the best trained in the industry. Orkin’s Pest Control Specialists also undergo a program of annual recertification, where they are trained in advances to the industry and treatment techniques every year.


Our thorough training and certification measures are what set us apart from others in our industry.


Residential Pest Control, Commercial Pest Control and Termite Control Training Program

These roles are required to complete a three week, role specific technical training program consisting of:

  • Week 1- Self Directed reading and application exercises, web based training and job aids. Certified Field Trainers review and demonstrate the practical application of the skills covered, the new hire is allowed to demonstrate their proficiency to the trainer while receiving feedback. At the end of week one all new hires must successfully complete an assessment to continue
  • Week 2 & 3- These two weeks consist of live interactive broadcasts combined with self-directed learning and additional on the job training with the Certified Field Trainers and Branch Managers. The broadcasts are facilitated by experts in the pest control field who utilize a state of the art interactive network enabling students to ask questions, answer instructor questions, receive real time feedback and interact with high quality videos and animation. At the conclusion of week three, students must complete a comprehensive, performance based final assessment


Service and Branch Manager Training

These roles are required to complete the appropriate technical and correspondence courses before beginning work on their management training courses. These include successful completion of a self-directed Field Management Study Guide followed by attending Fundamentals of Management and Managing a Service Organization, instructor led classes. Management Development School is an invitation only course that is offered to Region and Branch Managers in training. These classroom based courses are facilitated at the Rollins Learning Center located in Atlanta, Georgia. The curriculum is designed to build and develop management and leadership skills in field operations.

After successful completion of the applicable program, manager trainees receive certificates of completion and are eligible to be placed in service and branch management positions.


These roles must first complete the appropriate role specific three week technical training (listed under the residential, commercial and pest control training program) as well as a presales class performance checklist consisting of:

  • Complete sales specific self-directed activities
  • Accompany service specialists on a wide variety of service calls
  • Observe existing sales employees perform sales activities
  • Prospect, inspect and propose to a specified number of real accounts
  • Complete tasks demonstrating their abilities to perform certain technical aspects of the job such as graphing

The accompanying sales schools traditional classroom training techniques include individual and group activities and role plays. The also complete a “case study” where they have to take a prospect through the Orkin sales process from prospecting to delivering a final proposal. Students use mocked up rooms or simulated service environments to conduct each phase of the sales process in a real world setting. They conduct the inspection in a an actual full sized house that is part of the training complex. The students are required to then utilize the Presentation app (Homesuite or Bizsuite) to deliver their proposal. The class is not complete until the local manager returns a presentation score sheet to their facilitator.